ECU Tuning

Exercising Engine Efficiency

Get the Most out of your Engine

With ECU Tuning

ECU Tuning allows your German Engineered Engine to run at its top performance and efficiency. Utilizing air to fuel ratio, turbo timing, and camshaft timing; squeeze the most amount of Horsepower and Torque your engine can produce and put it to the wheels. 

  • Unlock your Engines true potential: Take advantage of Technology and Engineering to unleash your cars true potential by optimizing and controlling nearly every aspect of your engine.
  • Increase Horsepower and Torque: Optimizing your engine means that you're squeezing every last digit of horsepower and torque and putting it to your crank.
  • Even Improve Fuel Economy: Even though you're putting down more ponies to your wheels, having an ecu tune also optimizes your engine for fuel economy! Having more power doesn't always mean eating up more fuel.

Flash Tune ECU

Quickly Tune your vehicle for optimal performance

How does it work?

ECU Flash Tunes re-map the fuel and remove certain restrictions to your engine

Standalone ECU

Completely rewrite your ecu system

How does it work?

Our skilled and professional IT computer tuners completely eliminate your stock ECU and replace it with a custom perfromance ECU

Fuel Map ECU

Providing just the right amount of fuel to your engine

How does it work?

Utilizing all the information that the ECU has, optimize your engine for fuel economy

Custom Map ECU

Upload new maps to your vehicle's ECU

How does it work?

This allows the tuner to modify the behavior of the factory ecu by inserting additional maps to the normal ECU calculations

Interested in an ECU Tune?

Want to bring in your vehicle for one of the above ECU Tunes, or have any questions about them? Contact Us!

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