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Volkswagen Performance

Modifications to your Volkswagen that will enhance the performance and look of your ride. Increase your horsepower and torque with a wide selection of upgraded parts.

Modifications for added Performance

From Performance Exhausts to Forced Induction Systems, there’s a wide variety of parts that you can put into your Volkswagen for added Horsepower and Torque. We only hold the best-of-the-best modifications, so deck your car from head to tow and have the most impressive Volkswagen on the road.

Mark5 Automotive Volkswagen Dyno Tuning, Volkswagen ECU Chip tuning

Fine-Tune your Volkswagen

With added performance parts to your Volkswagen comes tuning. The computer that controls your engine needs to know how to put all that potential power to the wheels! ECU tuning is a must when adding performance modifications to your masterpiece. Whether you’re building a fun daily driver or a track-car; Reprogramming your vehicle is a must. 

Interior and Exterior Cosmetic Upgrades

From Steering Wheels to Body Kits, there’s a wide variety of parts that you can put into your Volkswagen for added Cosmetic and Aerodynamic Enhancement. We only hold the best-of-the-best modifications, so deck your car from head to tow and have the most unique, sexy and streamlined Volkswagen out there.

Mark5 Automotive Volkswagen Cosmetic Upgrades, Volkswagen Aftermarket Body Kits
Mark5 Automotive Race Safety, Volkswagen Roll cage

Safety Upgrades

With all that added aggressive horsepower to your impressively built machine, precautions need to be put in place to ensure your safety. Mark5 Automotive wants to make sure you are safe while you’re having fun with your modified Volkswagen! With a wide selection to chose from; shop helmets, harnesses, roll cages and more with us!

Add These Performance and Cosmetic Modifications to your Volkswagen

Mark5 Automotive only holds the top of the line performance and cosmetic modifications. Put power to the ground with the top tier aftermarket parts available on the market! Turn Heads by having the fastest and sexiest Volkswagen on the road with these modifications available at Mark5 Automotive.


Engine Upgrades

Engine Performance Upgrades to Improve Horsepower and Torque
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Drivetrain Upgrades

Drivetrain Upgrades to put the power at the wheels
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Brake Upgrades

Brake Upgrades to Improve brake Horsepower
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Exhaust Upgrades

Exhaust Upgrades to Improve power and sound
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Suspension Upgrades

Suspension Upgrades to Improve handling, feel, and look
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Tuning Chips

Tuning Chip Upgrades to Improve Horsepower, Torque, efficiency and responsiveness
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Interior Upgrades

Interior Upgrades to Improve The look, feel and safety of the inside of your car
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Steering Upgrades

Steering Upgrades to Improve the steering wheel and HUB
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Aftermarket Wheels

Aftermarket Wheels to improve the look of your car
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Interested in Upgrading your ride?

Want to bring your Volkswagen in for a performance upgrade, or have any questions about our performance services? Contact Us!

Concierge Service

Time is precious, and it can be a hassle bringing your vehicle for service, arranging it to get dropped off, and then finding a way to get back again. Let us take care of that! Our concierge service is designed to eliminate this inconvenience. We’ll pick up your vehicle from any location in Calgary or Rockeyview, bring it to our Facility, and drop it off to you once it’s been serviced.

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