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Mark 5 Automotive is a top-quality, dealer-alternative auto repair service located in Southwest Calgary – 24 Km from downtown core. Our team of European Car Specialists provide a full range of general and specialized maintenance, repair, and protection services for your European vehicle. We provide master workmanship, priced below what you’d pay at a dealership.
Our team has extensive experience working on European luxury and high-performance automobiles. We deliver personalized service, and an accurate and honest diagnosis. The Mark 5 team is passionate, and our quality of work is second-to-none. We take great pride in caring for your vehicles.

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Mark 5 Automotive European Car Specialist Calgary



Mark 5’s technicians specialize in European manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Mini, Volvo, and Porsche. In addition to our technicians’ extensive skills, we are also able to perform sophisticated computer diagnostics to identify problems and complete precise repairs.


Our technicians provide outstanding workmanship in all the services performed. We’re committed to servicing our clients’ vehicles with the latest equipment, tools, and industry advancements, performing reliable and high-quality repairs.


At Mark 5, we proudly adhere to a code of ethics and transparency in business conduct. We ensure that you receive a detailed invoice for our reasonably priced parts and service – clearly identifying all requirements for proper repair and maintenance of your vehicle. We have an open-door policy in our shop.


We offer a custom-tailored approach to car repair and maintenance – we’re here to make the process simple and pleasant! We know you’re busy, so our concierge will pick up your vehicle at your location – just schedule our pick-up service!



We’re here to improve your current auto repair experience – so you can relax and enjoy your vehicle stress-free. Whether it’s a protection system, maintenance procedure or a repair, our highly qualified technicians will have your vehicle running at peak performance.


Our Team will keep you updated with detailed notifications of the diagnosis, work progress and parts orders. We’ll send images and messages to your cell phone or email. You can also sign in via our customer portal to closely monitor our work, submit your input or approvals, make payments, and more.


Mark 5 Automotive is focused on keeping your vehicle in top running condition. We’ll work to help you avoid expensive future repairs, ensuring your vehicle’s longevity and maintaining its resale value.


We know our clients are busy, so we offer our service to fit your schedule. Book our Concierge Pick Up and Drop Off to enjoy a full Mark 5 Automotive experience.


To keep your vehicle running in top condition, we strictly follow the car’s factory guidelines when performing maintenance services and repairs. At Mark 5 Automotive, we have the knowledge, tools and experience to deliver a superb auto repair experience. Book an online appointment, call us or visit our shop. You can drop in for an estimate. If you bring a repair quote from a dealership , we’re confident that we can do it better for less. Because modern vehicles have more complex and powerful computing systems connected to the intra-vehicle network, we have acquired the latest computerized test equipment. This allows us to more accurately detect potential underlying mechanical issues that may affect the vehicle’s operation and efficiency. We’ll provide a detailed invoice for all parts and service - reasonably priced. Replaced parts can be inspected upon request. We will also attach, or post, copies of any warranties covering parts and service.

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